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BC, Victoria
Posted 2 years ago

January 21, 2020

Method Engineering and Building Services Ltd. (METHOD) is an Engineering Consulting and Construction Management firm in Victoria.  We work with Commercial Owners, Residential Strata, Developers, Warranty Providers, Insurance Corporations, Architects and Builders on a wide range of building initiatives.  Our technical staff have over 25 years of engineering experience in the Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland market place and are driven to provide exceptional service to our clients in a professional and collaborative manner.  We are looking for a Building Science Engineer or Technologist to be a part of our growing team.


METHOD’s primary focus is customer service.  What does this mean?

  • Understand Your Client – We work to understand our clients’ needs and how important these needs are to them.
  • Timely Service – We provide timely, responsive service. We set appropriate deadlines and ensure they are met. In the rare occurrences when we can’t make a deadline, we notify our client as early as possible and work with them to deal with any impacts our delay may cause.
  • Personal Connection – We strive to be professional, passionate, and personal. Good clients want to work with good people.  The personal touch is a key component to securing that strong, positive connection with our clients.
  • Technical Competence – We will continue educating ourselves to ensure we are providing exceptional technical support. We are global thinkers and provide technical support that considers: quality, sequencing of work, cost, schedule, durability, and risk.
  • Work with Integrity – We will ALWAYS do what is right. We want to be known as a company that is honest, fair, and trustworthy.

Working at METHOD is not strictly about a 9-to-5, punch-the-clock work life.  We are passionate about our work and that passion is part of our culture.  What is working at METHOD like?

  • We are listeners. We are open to, and welcome, feedback (i.e. constructive criticism) as part of the ongoing development of our skills and our deliverables.
  • We sprint. The work environment at METHOD is dynamic and we run between jobs/tasks, keeping schedule, cost, and quality at the front (i.e. juggling many balls at once).
  • We mentor and develop our staff. We provide in-house and external learning opportunities.  Career development requires engagement from both parties, so if you have a passion that you would like to explore that fits within our general business offerings, let us know.
  • We give our staff freedom of schedule. We typically work 40hrs/week; however, our services are predominantly with existing buildings so discovered unforeseen conditions may require longer days and longer weeks.  We leave it to our staff to manage the work load, timelines, and personal commitments.  We understand that life doesn’t always do the “9-to-5” thing.  We work with our staff to ensure personal commitments fit within the work life.  Things like: having a sick kid at home, a medical appointment, or just wanting to get out early on a Friday afternoon!
  • Interesting work. We work on projects that we like.  The range of work is wide at METHOD!

JOB DESCRIPTION: Building Science Engineer or Technologist

Any role at METHOD incorporates a wide range of duties and requires you to embrace a multitude of skills.  As an Engineer or Technologist, you work with our engineering staff in our wide range of projects.  You will embrace and foster the passionate, hard-working, and dedicated culture at METHOD.

Qualifications, Skills & Traits

  • EIT or Professional Engineer registered with EGBC, or an experienced Technologist registered with ASTTBC, with a focus on Building Science, Building Energy Modeling, or similar
  • Positive attitude
  • Professional
  • Punctual
  • Will “Do What It Takes”
  • Pride in work. Treat every client like family.  Treat every project like our most important.
  • Willingness to learn; initiative to learn with minimal direction/supervision
  • Ability and confidence to think for new answers, better solutions, and more efficient processes
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficiency with MS Office and AutoCAD. Ability to use SketchUp is a benefit.
  • Experience with energy modeling software is a benefit (HOT2000, EnergyPlus, IES)

METHOD is a nimble and dynamic company with constantly changing needs.  Our staff are continually changing and improving as they add new duties to their regular work day to meet the corporate needs and their individual interests.  It is expected your duties will expand as you become more familiar with our culture, our work, and your role within the METHOD team.

Anticipated Duties

  • Drafting – We do our own drafting and hand sketches as part of conceptual design and detailed design services. Drafting skills with AutoCAD is a requirement.
  • Software Use – The ability to use MS Office is a requirement. Understanding of technical modelling software, such as HOT2000, HEAT 3D, Flixio, THERM, and WUFI is beneficial but not a requirement.
  • Energy Modeling – Energy continues to be an area of growth in the industry as building code requirements change. We are Passive House Designers and are looking to expand this service to include a full range of building energy services.
  • Technical Writing – Being able to write in a clear, concise manner is critical in our business.
  • Building Science – This is the core of what we do. Air, heat (energy), water, and vapour control.  Understanding how building materials are installed to achieve desired performance levels is a key skill set.
  • Field Work – We do it all on site. We frequently work with tools.  Sometimes it is just easier, faster, and better to fix it, modify it, remove it, or decommission it ourselves.  We climb ladders, get into attics & crawl spaces, access scaffolding, and work with boom lifts.  Safety is of utmost importance so we have all the necessary safety equipment and provide all the necessary training.  An interest in getting dirty is a requirement.  Ability to use tools is a benefit.

METHOD will offer a competitive salary and benefit package that will reflect your experience and qualifications.  Please submit your resume and cover letter to

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