Project Management

Well executed projects occur when the costs, schedule, and execution are consistent with the client expectations. Communication is the key. A savvy Project Manager, working in conjunction with a good General Contractor/Construction Manager, are key to providing a successful project. We work as a Project Manager to: develop project budgets, work with the project professionals and local municipality to finalize the design, and work with the General Contractor or Construction Manager to ensure the project is completed on budget and on schedule. We have experience in a number of projects, such as: building enclosure renewals, additions and alterations to existing buildings, and implementation of major maintenance projects.

Investigations & Forensics

We provide investigation and forensic services to evaluate a wide range of building enclosure performance issues, such as: water leakage, condensation, air leakage (energy loss), building enclosure component performance issues (ie. glazing, cladding, roofing, below grade) and structural performance. We also provide building assessments, warranty reviews, and pre-purchase evaluations as part of our investigative services.

Moisture Meter Sales and Service

We provide calibration, sales, and service for Delmhorst moisture meters.

Claim Support

We provide a number of services related to performance claims, such as: investigation and assessment of the performance issues, repair design development, project costing, and project management. We work with our client to determine where we can provide value to the project.

3rd Party Quality Assurance

We provide construction review and support services to Owners, Architects, Contractors, and Warranty Providers to ensure construction is executed in accordance with the project documents and good building practice.

Design Development

We design, or provide design support for, a wide range of projects. Our practical experience with materials and sequencing of work shows in our drawings, details, and specifications.”