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Supporting your projects since 2016
We work with you to engineer solutions from the ground up. 

We started in 2016 with the goal of doing things a bit differently than our peers. Engineering and project management is our specialty, but our focus is your experience, and how we can make it a positive one. We work to achieve your goals, and we’re going to do it professionally, accurately, and with a personal commitment to building a strong, long-term relationship. We provide support on any size of project and have a great history working with a wide range of clients, including Architects, Designers, Strata, Owners, Developers, Contractors, Warranty Providers, Adjusters, and other Engineers. Let’s make your project successful. 

How we do things differently

  • Built on relationships
  • Driven by challenge
  • Committed to quality

Built on relationships.

We keep our clients front and centre with every project. You’re the star of this show, and we love working with other people who are passionate and committed to the long-term performance of the building.

Driven by challenge.

We love encountering a new problem and figuring out how to solve it. We’re thinkers, problem-solvers, and challenges fuel our passion for work. If you think your project is too complicated, we want to tackle it.

Committed to quality.

Our work speaks for itself. We don’t sit back and let a project be “good enough” — we believe in precision and accomplishing the best work possible while meeting your goals.

We could talk all day about how passionate we are, but just take a look for yourself – view our work.